Installing an Arch Linux (armhf) Subsystem on a NAS326 using chroot



  1. Navigate to your mounted read-write directory on the NAS326.
    cd /i-data/6bc182dc/admin
  2. Download the Arch Linux ARM tarball using the following command:
  3. Create a directory named "arch" to store the extracted files.
    mkdir arch
  4. Extract the tarball using the following command:
    tar -xvzf ArchLinuxARM-clearfog-latest.tar.gz -C arch
    This will extract the contents of the tarball to the `arch` directory.
  5. Navigate to the extracted `arch` directory:
    cd arch
  6. Mount the `/proc` and `/sys` directories to the newly created subsystem using the following commands:
    mount -o bind /sys sys
    mount -o bind /proc proc
    This will create a tar archive of the `/dev` directory and extract it to the subsystem's root directory.
  7. Enter the subsystem using the following command:
    chroot . /bin/bash
  8. Link the `/dev/fd` directory to `/proc/self/fd` using the following command:
    ln -s /proc/self/fd /dev/fd
  9. This command creates a symbolic link between the two directories.
  10. To use the `pacman` package manager, you may need to modify the `/etc/pacman.conf` file and set the SigLevel to Never. This will disable GPG integrity checks for package installations.
  11. Your Arch Linux subsystem is now ready for use. You can install and use packages using the pacman package manager.